About Us

Through quality we are foremost committed to a healthy, affordable, and ethical long-term care. We commit to achieving excellence in the quality of care and services for older person and strengthening public trust. We believe that by doing so, there will be measurable improvement in defined outcomes as well as in ethical, compassionate, and resident-centered practices.

After over twenty five years of experience in medical centers, nursing homes and assisted living facilities, we understand that our elderly have medical issues and concerns for which they do not receive adequate quality care and personal attention in larger facilities or even at their own home with different caregivers. That’s why we created a small home-facility where all your expectations and your needs can be met with the utmost care, love, and comfort.

To increase quality care and quality of life for our residents, our professional and well-experienced licensed registered nurse will make a free personalized assessment for right amount of assistance for each resident, continually assessing the plan of care and providing suggestions or new services based on the resident’s  needs and medical conditions. 

This facility is operated and managed by professional health care providers with excellent backgrounds in elder care: A registered nurse and a physical therapist/Licensed Assisted Living Administrator.     

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